IDF Counter Terror Championship

The IDF Counter Terror Championship is an annual event, which tests the IDF CT units' operational readiness for handling hostage rescue and CT operations. The event, which takes place in the IDF Counter Terror School, began in 2001 and there have been four championships since.

Participation in the championship is voluntary and is open for all IDF units which undergone a CT course at the Counter Terror School as part of their training regime. Each unit interested in participating sends one fully equipped team to the event. In order to limit any special preparation for the event, the units received notice on the exact date of the championship less then a month before it actually takes place.

During the event the units compete in a variety of areas such as: CQB, Krav Maga, Sniping and Sharpshooting, and conduct both paintball and live fire exercises. Awards are granted in three main results categories: Unit, Commanding Officer and Personal Record.


Five units participated in the 2003 event: Shaldag, Duvdevan, PALSAR Golani, PALSAR Tzanhanim  and PALSAR Givati.

  • Unit Category: 1. Shaldag, 2. PALSAR Givati, 3. Duvdevan.

Operators armed with paintball guns during the IDF 2003 Counter Terror Championship (photo: IDF).


Six units participated in the 2004 event: Shaldag, Duvdevan, PALSAR Golani, PALSAR Tzanhanim , PALSAR Givati and PALSAR NAHAL.

  • Unit Category: 1. Duvdevan, 2. Shaldag, 3. PALSAR Givati

  • Commanding Officer Category: 1. Duvdevan, 2. PALSAR Givati

  • Personal Record Category: 1. Shaldag.

Operator armed with a M4A1 fitted with a Meprolight Mepro 21, a flip-up sight and a forward grip during the IDF 2004 Counter Terror Championship (photo: IDF).

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