Year in Review: 2016

2016 was a relatively quiet year for the Israeli SF, largely focused on training and the introduction of improved gear, while continuing operational deployment. 

Here are the highlights for 2016:

1. The IDF new Commando Brigade, comprised of Duvdevan, Egoz, Rimon and Maglan, completed several large division-level exercises in 2016, and is now considered fully operational.

2. The Meprolight M5 won the IDF bid for its future standard issue red dot sight. The new optic saw mass issue in 2016, replacing the Meprolight Mepro 21, and other legacy optics. 

3. Several SF units celebrated major anniversaries, including YAHALOM (20 years), Duvdevan (30 years), Maglan (30 years) and Shaldag (40 years).

4. Glock completed its Israeli takeover by wining the Israeli Police bid for its future standard issue handgun. The Glock will replace the Jericho currently in service with the Israeli Police.

5. Modern Ops-Core helmets have been issued to the IDF SF, replacing legacy Israeli helmets.

6. Modern combat uniforms have been issued to the IDF SF, replacing legacy IDF uniforms.

7. Finally, Fauda, the first ever TV series to focus on the Israeli SF, is now available on Netflix for all to enjoy.