Intelligence Gathering Devices

The following guide features miscellaneous Israeli non-line-of-sight short range intelligence gathering devices.

ODF Optronics EyeBall R1

The ODF Optronics EyeBall R1 was first issued in early 2000's to Tier 1 SF units. Operational needs from the 2006 Lebanon War and the 2008 Gaza War led to a broader issue to the IDF SF community and eventually to regular infantry units. The increased threat from underground tunnels in Israel's North and South fronts also led to increased usage of the EyeBall R1 for tunnel clearing.

IDF ODF Optronics EyeBall R1 (photo: IDF).

IMI REFAIM Camera Embedded Grenade (Prototype)

Originally designed for the IDF Future Infantry Soldier Program, IMI proposed platform is comprised of two main components: a fire control system (known as "Orion" and programmable rifle grenades (known as "REFAIM"). One of the IMI grenades variants is a camera embedded one. Designed as a low cost alternative to modern micro-UAV, this model has an embedded day/night camera and a two way wireless communications module. The grenade enables real-time, team level, "Over the Hill" tactical intelligence gathering. The grenade's optimal trajectory is determined by the weapon's fire control system, pending on the user requirements. After launch the grenade transmits video feed, which can be delivered to a variety of devices such as HMD or monitor, within up to few hundred meters range. The two ways communication module also enables various in flight zoom options.

The REFAIM camera embedded telescopic bullet trap rifle grenade.

RAFAEL Firefly Camera Embedded Grenade (Prototype)

The RAFAEL Firefly is a camera embedded grenade, which can be fired from any standard 40 mm grenade launcher, including the M203. The Firefly resembles the IMI REFAIM, however, while the former is programmable by the weapon's fire control system, the Firefly is not programmable.

A low cost alternative to modern expensive micro-UAV, the Firefly features a wireless communications link and two cameras (night and day), which record the area directly under its trajectory. The Firefly therefore enables real-time, team level, "Over the Hill" tactical intelligence gathering and situational awareness. Once launched, the grenade transmits video feed of the area, which can be delivered to a variety of devices such as HMD, wrist monitor and ruggedized PDA, in a range of up to 600 meters and 8 seconds flight. The Firefly small dimensions and short flight time makes it virtually undetected during flight.

Note 40 mm grenade casing allowing the Firefly to be fired from a standard 40 mm grenade launcher.

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