Portable Radios

Military portable radios are used for short to medium range communication within units, between units, and between units and commands. Most radios devices used in Israel, are made by Tadiran, an Elbit subsidiary. In the IDF, the Tadiran PRC-624 is the standard issue radio. As of 2009, the Elbit PRC-710, a more advanced and secured radio, is gradually replacing older platforms in service, including the PRC-77, the PRC-91 and PRC-624, which entered service in the IDF in the early 1970's, the late 1980's and the early 1990's respectively. In addition, Motorola radios are commonly used for short range communication within small outfits such as teams.

Tadiran PRC-624

The Tadiran PRC-624 is a VHF/FM fixed-frequency, handheld/manpack radio, designed to replace the PRC-77 and provide reliable VHF/FM radio communications through a compact and lightweight unit. A variety of antennas, headsets, power sources and accessories are available for the device.

The PRC-624 is available in several configurations:

PRC-624 - Basic Radio Set

This basic model can be configured for handheld or manpack usage, both comprised of a receiver-transmitter unit, a carrying pouch/harness, antenna, headset and battery.

PRC-624S - Secure Radio Set

While maintaining the same weight and dimensions of the basic set, the PRC-624S utilize a digital encryption module to provides a secure communication for protection from enemy interception. The PRC-624S accommodates same antennas, harnesses, pouches and batteries as the basic set.

PRC-624HP - High-Power Radio Set

The PRC-624HP combines the basic model with a power amplifier, enabling an extended communications range. There is also a secure variant of the PRC-624HP named - PRC-624(S)HP.

PRC-624N - Naval Radio Set

Designed for naval commando units, the PRC-624N featured an enhanced sealing, enabling it to be immersed for long durations.

An IDF ATV in standard configuration including a roll bar, a camouflage net, full body protective gear and a Tadiran PRC-624 radio.

LOTAR Eilat operator during training armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a rail system, a forward grip, a Meprolight Mepro 21 and an AN/PEQ-14. Note a PRC-624 radio on the operator's back (photo: IDF).


Tadiran PRC-710

The IDF infantry command and control system seen here with its primary components: a specialized vest for carrying the system, a tactical computer (attached to a battery pack), a PRC-710 radio, monocular HHD with integrated controls and a touch screen monitor (photo: IDF).


Motorola Radios

Force 100 operator equipped with the unit's standard issue gear, including a bullet proof vest, a CAR15 fitted with a Trijicon Reflex and a flashlight, a FN HP, a gas mask, non-lethal riot control gear and a Motorola radio with a headset.


Duvdevan sniper armed with a Mauser 66SP during deployment in the Territories. A Motorola radio can be seen over the operator's left shoulder.


Duvdevan operator holding an AK47 captured during deployment in the Territories. The operator is armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a flip-up sight, a Trijicon Reflex, a rail system, a forward grip and an AN/PEQ-14. A military portable radio setup is seen on the operator's left shoulder, while a Motorola radio setup is seen on the operator's right shoulder. Note suspected terrorists in the background facing the bus (photo: IDF).


LOTAR Eilat operators during training with a Oketz operator and his dog. Note paintball and Simmunition markings on the walls as well as a Motorola radio on the middle operator's back.


YAMAM operator checking his Glock handgun during training. The operator is also armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a Trijicon Reflex. Note a LIR CID and a Motorola radio on the operator's back.


YAMAS snipers armed with modified Remington 700 during deployment in the Territories. Note a Motorola radio over foreground sniper left shoulder.


IDF SF operators seen here during training at the IDF Counter Terror School in the early 1990's. Note low-weight utility belts for carrying weapon magazines and other gear, which were commonly used by IDF SF from the late 1980's to early 1990's. All operators are also equipped with Motorola radios.


Sayeret MATKAL operator armed with a CAR15 during training in the early 1990’s. Note a Motorola radio on the soldier's left hip.


German soldiers joint training in Israel with IDF SF. The Israeli soldier (right) is armed with a M4A1 fitted with an AN/PEQ-14, an ITL MARS, a forward grip and a rail system. Note a helmet mounted Adventure Lights VIP and a Motorola radio (photo: IDF).

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