Backpacks are commonly used in the IDF SF community for carrying heavy loads such as:

  • Gear, food, water and ammunition for long range reconnaissance missions.

  • Delicate optics - primarily intelligence gathering devices.

  • Weapon platforms such as SWS, missiles and rockets.

  • Medical gear for combat medics, paramedics and doctors.

Most IDF backpacks are either home made by the SF units, modifications of civilian backpacks (e.g., Lowe Alpine) or Israeli made (e.g., Marom Dolphin). For convenience, backpacks are often worn on top of modular vests, in which the upper back can be removed to create a flat back.

PALSAR Tzanhanim  team carries backpacks fitted with snow camouflage covers during extreme weather training on Mountain Hermon.


Operators during a raid in Territories. Foreground operator is wearing a modular vest without an upper back pouch, which is used for carrying backpacks.


Sayeret MATKAL gear ready for a mission in South Lebanon, late 1990's. Backpacks are clearly visible. Note that all backpacks have numbers on front and back so they be rapidly identify by their carrying soldier, especially at nighttime.


Left - KATA employee packing an Azimuth ATLAS into a backpack in KATA factory. Visible are the system primary components - GPS, Tripod, El-Op laser rangefinder, binoculars and the stabilized tripod to which all other parts attached. Right - operator carrying a KATA backpack.


Smamit backpacks including tan a color model.


Operator with a desert pattern full body camouflage suit wearing a reconnaissance vest and carrying a Marom Dolphin backpack. The soldier is armed with a Colt Commando fitted with a Trijicon Reflex. Note the two white stripes painted on the rear side of the weapon's shells exit case. They are Israeli tactical signs design to identify the weapon holder as friendly in intense CQB environment.


Shaaf team during training. All soldiers are carrying backpacks containing long range intelligence gathering equipment and are armed with Shorty CAR15.


PALSAR Golani operators wearing gear and ammunition backpacks during deployment in the Territories.


PALSAR Givati operator carries a backpack during training.


Operator carries an Israeli Gil ATGM missile pod.


Left - Unit 669 medics backpack. Right - Unit 669 medics backpack in action.


Shaldag team boards an IAF CH53 helicopter. Left operator is carrying a SWS in a backpack.


Egoz operators in full gear prior to an operation in South Lebanon, late 1990's. The sitting operator (left) is armed with a PK. Under the table where he sits there is a RPD. Middle and right operators armed with CAR15. Behind this soldier (in front of the door) is a FN MAG 58.


Alpinistim during extreme weather training on Mountain Hermon. Left - without snow camouflage covers. Right - with the covers.

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