APAMLACH BL-02IR (Prototype)

The BL-02IR was a unique CID, which in addition to standard CID modes, featured sound activation - an automatic mode in which the device was automatically activated at the sound of gunfire or explosions. The BL-02IR was designed to be used during covert, undetected by NVG, approaches to targets, yet maintaining an immediate CID activation and therefore individual identification in case of engagement. The device was programmable allowing the setting of its sensitivity range for gunfire and explosions from 0 to 30 meters.

The BL-02IR was a highly modular device offered with three interchangeable lighting modules:

  • IR light module

  • Visual light strobe with IR filter module (various colors were available)

  • Perimeter light module

The device could also work with a variety of other customized modules.

Eventually, despite its unique concept, the project was disbanded with only few operational BL-02IR prototypes made and handed over to SF units for T&E.

BL-02IR with its three interchangeable lighting modules. From left to right: perimeter light module, IR light module, visual light strobe with IR filter module and a remote control.


BL-02IR mounted on a helmet. The device remote control and IR LED module are clearly seen.

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