Combat Identification Devices

Combat Identification Devices (CID) are used for individual tactical marking and friends or foe identification between team mates and other participating forces to prevent friendly fire incidents. CID can also be used for signaling ground, maritime and airborne platforms for applications such as surveillance, joint operations, CSAR, insertions and extractions.


Most CID are based on high-power IR LED technology, which can be seen only with NVG. Some CID also offer a visible mode, enabling overt marking capabilities as well as providing visible light for map reading and other close range applications.

The Israeli SF awareness to CID rose in 2000 after a tragic friendly fire incident in which three Duvdevan operators were killed. Soon after the incident, several Israeli companies began developing dedicated CID and in 2001 the IDF published a CID bid, which was won by the Meprolight LIR.

While initially CID were in limited usage and issued exclusively to SF units, in 2014 TAR Ideal won the IDF bid for its future CID and has since been mass issued to both SF and regular units.

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