The Visual Identification Projector (VIP) is a simple and inexpensive CID, which entered service with the Israeli SF in recent years.

The VIP is available in two models:

  • Standard VIP Model - IR illumination

  • Dual Function VIP Model - IR illumination and a visible light (usually green, other colors are available).

The VIP can be ordered with several LED configurations to allow for various illuminations strengths and can also be used as a hand held IR/Visible flashlight.

The VIP has four operational modes:

  • Steady IR light mode

  • Two flashing IR modes

  • Steady visible light mode (only in the Dual Function Model).

The VIP modes can be reprogrammed and customized.

The VIP can be easily attached to a helmet or a vest, and using an optional adapter it can be spiked into the ground or attached to other surfaces and used as a marking beacon for air-ground signaling applications.

Front and rear end of the VIP.


Photo Gallery

IDF SF operator during deployment in the Territories armed with a M4A1/M203 combo fitted with an ITL MARS optic and a flashlight. Note helmet mounted NVG adapter, communication headset and VIP.


IDF SF operators during deployment in the Territories. Note a helmet mounted VIP.


German soldiers joint training in Israel with IDF SF. The Israeli soldier (right) is armed with a M4A1 fitted with an AN/PEQ-14, an ITL MARS, a forward grip and a rail system. Note a helmet mounted VIP (photo: IDF).

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