TAR Ideal TL5

The TAR Ideal TL5 is a Israeli made CID, introduced in 2008 and entered service with the Israeli SF in recent years. In 2014 TAR Ideal won the IDF bid for its future CID and has since been mass issued to both SF and regular units, replacing most other CID in service.

The TL5 is offered in 3 models:

  • Police Model - Visible only module

  • Army Model - IR only module

  • New Army Model - IR + Visible module

The TL5 key features include:

  • Battery status indicator – 3 different power levels indication

  • 6 IR LED – for maximum 360° ground and air visibility

  • The LED flashing frequency can be factory programmed in order to differentiate between various units working in the same area.

  • Extreme IR visibility – seen from over 4000M.

  • 3 operational modes: 3/6 LED flashing; 6/6 LED flashing; 6/6 LED steady

  • The visible Police Model is available at various colors or combination of colors such as blue & red for police units.

  • Available in different colors (OD, desert, black).

  • Supplied with a helmet mount and Picatinny adapter for attaching to weapons, vests and helmets.

TL5 with its Picatinny adapter.


TL5 mounted on an IDF helmet.


Photo Gallery

Duvdevan operators during training. Foreground operator is wearing an Ops-Core Sentry helmet fitted with an AN/PVS-23 and is armed with a M4 Commando fitted with Meprolight MOR, a rail system and forward grip. Background operator is wearing a helmet fitted with an AN/PVS-7 and a TAR Ideal TL5, and is armed with a M4A1 fitted with an EOTech and a forward grip (photo: IDF).


Counter Terror School instructors practicing tunnel clearing during training. Left operator armed with a M4A1 fitted with a Trijicon ACOG, a backup sight and a flashlight; right operator holding a shield and armed with a Glock. Both operators are wearing helmets fitted with TL5 and flashlights, gas masks and combat shirts (photo: IDF).

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