Helmet Mounted Flashlights

Helmet mounted flashlights are commonly used for illumination when performing close range delicate missions such as EOD or picking locks and alarms. They can also be used for signaling.

YAMAM operators during deployment. Left and middle operators are equipped with a helmet mounted flashlights.


YAMAM operator armed with a Glock handgun and a M4 carbine fitted with a rubber buttstock, an Aimpoint, a rail system and a Simon Door Breaching Rifle Grenade. The operator's helmet is fitted with a flashlight. Note a looped electric cable around the flashlight base and Oakley protective eyewear.


YAHALOM operators prepare to blow up a Palestinian radio station during deployment in the Territories. Note helmet mounted flashlight.


Operator during deployment in the Territories. This operator has a civilian hiking flashlight attached to his helmet.


Duvdevan operators during training. Foreground operator is wearing an Ops-Core Sentry helmet fitted with a helmet light and is armed with a M4 Commando fitted with Meprolight M5, a rail system, forward grip and a flashlight. Background operator's weapon is fitted with an ITL MARS (photo: IDF).

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