Helmet Mounted Accessories

In recent years helmets were transformed from a device designed to protect the operator's head into a comprehensive platform, which allows for the mounting of various accessories. As with weapons, standardized rail systems found in the recent generation of helmets further help with a simple and secure mounting of accessories, and gradually replace the various non-standard setups and adapters used previously. The following are the common helmet mounted accessories used in the IDF:



Night Vision

Night vision gear includes goggles and monocular as well the required helmet adapters. In case of heavier NVG, such as the AN/PVS-23, an external battery pack, which is also acts as a counter weight, is commonly used.

Combat Identification Devices (CID)

CID are used for individual tactical marking and friend or foe identification between team mates and other participating forces to prevent friendly fire incidents. CID are typically mounted on the operators' helmet or vest.


Helmet mounted cameras enable post-deployment/training briefing and can also transmit live feeds to support real time Command & Control.


Flashlights are used for illumination when performing close range delicate missions such as EOD or picking locks and alarms. They can also be used for signaling.

Future Soldier

The IDF Future Solider Program explored multiple head mounted devices to increase survivability and lethally, including heads-up displays linked to weapon-mounted cameras to allow for effective enemy interdiction behind corners.

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