The IDF standard issue helmet is Israeli-made by various contractors, including Rabintex and Orlite, according to IDF specifications. The helmet is used by all Israeli security forces, including both military and Law Enforcement, and by regular and special forces alike.

Due to budget restrictions, for several years during the 2000's the IDF also issued U.S. surplus PASGT helmets.

In recent years the IDF has began issuing Ops-Core helmets to SF units. These modern helmets feature light-weight shells with integrated rails system for easy and secure attachment of various accessories including night vision, cameras, CID and flashlights.

The following are commonly issued helmet accessories:

  • Woodland helmet cover, which is attached to the helmet via Velcro, with many units make their own modified variants.

  • "Mit'znefet" ("Clown Hat" in Hebrew), a camouflage net which is placed above the helmet in order to distort the helmet's typical rounded shape. The Mit'znefet is reversible, with one side feature woodland pattern and the other a desert one.

  • Visors for riot control.


IDF Standard Issue

IDF helmet fitted with helmet cover and Meprolight tactical sign.

IDF helmet fitted with a desert pattern Mit'znefet.

IDF helmet fitted with a woodland pattern Mit'znefet.


Ops-Core FAST

Shaldag operators during training. Foreground operators armed with suppressed M4 Commando fitted with Trijicon Reflex and Insight AN/PEQ-16, rail systems and forward grips. Background operator armed with a suppressed M4 Commando fitted with a Trijicon ACOG 4x32, a backup sight, a rail system and a forward grip. All operators are also wearing Ops-Core FAST helmets and combat uniforms (photo: IDF).


Shayetet 13 operator during an oil rig training. The operator is armed with a suppressed 9mm Micro Tavor fitted with a Meprolight MOR and a forward grip. The operator is also wearing an Ops-Core FAST helmet fitted a GoPro camera and combat uniforms (photo: IDF).


Reuven Rivlin visiting Gideonim. Left and right operators are wearing Ghillie suits and armed with M4A1 fitted with Trijicon ACOG 4x32 (with a rubber eyepiece), stocks, forward grips/bipod combos, rail systems, flashlights and AN/PEQ-15; Middle plain cloths operators armed with suppressed Mini Uzi. Note operators armed with Glock handguns and wearing Ops-Core FAST helmets rappelling in the background (photo: Government Press Office).


Ops-Core Sentry

YAMAM operators and their dog during training. The operators are armed with M4 Commando fitted with EOTech, AN/PEQ-15 and compensators. Left operator is wearing an an Ops-Core Sentry helmet fitted a Contour camera (photo: IDF).


Duvdevan operators during training. Foreground operator is wearing an Ops-Core Sentry helmet fitted with a helmet light and is armed with a Colt Commando fitted with Meprolight M5, a rail system, forward grip and a flashlight. Background operator's weapon is fitted with an ITL MARS (photo: IDF).


Duvdevan operators during training. Foreground operator is wearing an Ops-Core Sentry helmet fitted with an AN/PVS-23 and is armed with a M4 Commando fitted with Meprolight MOR, a rail system and forward grip. Background operator is wearing a helmet fitted with an AN/PVS-7 and a TAR Ideal TL5, and is armed with a M4A1 fitted with an EOTech and a forward grip (photo: IDF).

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