One-Piece Suits

One-piece suits were commonly used by a Shayetet 13 and by law enforcement SF units. However, in recent years, most one-piece suits were replaced by modern two-piece combat uniforms.

The suits are typically made from fire-retardant materials and are easy to fit over existing clothing or various types of under-garments.


Shayetet 13


Shayetet 13 operator armed with a Mini Uzi during training (photo: IDF).



YAMAM operator during training seen here armed with a Mini Uzi fitted with a rubber buttstock and a handgun in a thigh holster. The operator helmet is fitted with a night vision adapter. Note the black pouch on the operator right hand, which house tools such as blades, cutters and electric equipment to be used for EOD and for picking locks and alarms.


YAMAM operators on riot control alert during Friday prayers in the old city of Jerusalem. The operators are armed with Glock in thigh holsters and Colt Commando fitted with Trijicon Reflex, flashlights and barrel adapters allowing the firing of non lethal rubber coated metal ammunition.



YAMAS operators securing the roof of the Hyatt hotel after the the assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi, October 2001. Operators are equipped with flight suits and black KATA vests and armed with CAR15 fitted with Trijicon Reflex and flashlights.



MATILAN operator armed with a Colt Commando fitted with a Meprolight Mepro 21 and a flashlight as well as a Jericho in a thigh holster.



YAMAG operator during training armed with a Colt Commando fitted with a Trijicon Reflex and a Jericho in a thigh holster. Note that both the assault rifle and the handgun are fitted with safety rods.



Masada operators during training armed with Jericho fitted with built-in compensators, stocks and safety rods. Note protective gear and Marom-Dolphin vests.


Masada operators, including a operators and his dog, during training. The operators are equipped with paintball guns fitted with Meprolight M5, flashlights and forward grips (photo: Israeli Prison Service).

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