Blank Firing Adapter

The Blank Firing Adapter/Attachment (BFA) is placed at the firearm’s muzzle to enable the firing of blanks. The BFA primary purpose is to enable the cycling of the weapon, however, it also serves as a safety device by preventing the escape of debris from the barrel, and may stop or deflect an accidental discharge of a live round. As a training device, BFA is typically painted in distinct bright colors to provide clear visual indication such as yellow or red.

The most common BFA in Israel is the standard M16 BFA, which is used worldwide. The Mofet Etzion Shotguard is also in limited usage, primarily with Israeli law enforcement SF units.


Standard M16 BFA

Typical variants of the IDF standard issue M16 BFA.


Duvdevan operator during training armed with a M4 Commando fitted with an flip-up sight, an ITL MARS, a forward folding grip, a flashlight, a rail system and a BFA (photo: Yoni Nissan).


PALSAR 401 team posing in full gear during training. All operators are armed with M4A1 fitted with BFA and variety of optics including Meprolight Mepro 21, Elbit Falcon, Trijicon ACOG 4x32 and Litton Aquila. Also seen on the left is an operator armed with a Negev.


Oketz operator armed with a M4 fitted with a BFA during training.


PALSAR Tzanhanim  operators during training. Standing are two operators armed with handguns; seen on the ground is a third operator simulating a terrorist and armed with a M4A1 fitted with an Elbit Falcon and a BFA (photo: IDF).


YAHALOM operators during training. The operators are armed with camouflaged M4A1 fitted with Meprolight Mepro Mepro 21, flip-up sight, forward grips and blank firing attachments (photo: IDF).


Mofet Etzion Shotguard

Shotguard BFA.

The Mofet Etzion Shotguard is a unique BFA developed in the late 1990's. Unlike a traditional BFA, in which live rounds cannot be safely fired without first removing the BFA, the Shotguard will safely stop the first round without any damage to the weapon, but it will also allow the second live round and any successive rounds to be fired in a normal manner.

The Shotguard achieve this feature by converting the live round kinetic energy into a thermal energy. The first round hits a disk within the Shotguard and disintegrates into small pieces which then exit the Shotguard. It is possible to control the amount of heat, which is required to penetrate the Shotguard disk and therefore determine the number of live rounds that will be stopped before the next one penetrates. The exact number of rounds depends on the client's specifications but the default option is one.

The Shotguard features make it an ideal training device for units training in conflict areas where immediate combat readiness is required. During training, if a soldier is required to tactically deploy his weapon, he can simply switch the blanks magazine to a live rounds one and fire twice - the first round will disintegrate inside the Shotguard and the second round will penetrate the Shotguard and will be fired in a normal manner. Therefore, there is no need to remove the Shotguard prior to live fire, unlike traditional BFA.

The Shotguard was tested by the IDF but wasn’t adopted. However, the device was purchased by Israeli law enforcement SF units and was also sold to several foreign armed forces.

The Shotguard is 10 cm in length and 300 grams in weight and was designed to fit most commonly used flash hiders. The typical price is $40 per unit.

During regular firing of blanks, the Shotguard acts as a standard BFA allowing the cycle of the weapon.


A live round which was accidentally or intentionally discharged.


The first live round hits the Shotguard disk and disintegrates. The next live round will penetrate the disk and will be fired in a normal manner.


MATILAN operator disarming his weapon after training. The operator is armed with a CAR15 fitted with a Trijicon Reflex, a flashlight and a Mofet Etzion Shotguard.


MATILAN operators and their dog during training. The operators are armed with Colt Commando fitted with Meprolight Mepro 21, flashlight and Shotguard blanks adapter. Note camouflage pattern uniforms and Oakley eye protection (photo: Israeli Police).

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