Force on Force Training Aids

The IDF deploys a variety of training aids to provide a realistic yet safe combat simulation during force on force training. The following are the primary training aids used in the IDF for combat simulations:



Muzzle Inserted Safety Rods

Muzzle inserted safety rods are brightly colored reinforced fiberglass rods, which prevent accidental discharge of the weapon, while providing a visual indication that the weapon's chamber is clear.


MILES is a comprehensive system designed to provide realistic simulation using laser beams. The system is highly versatile and can be installed a variety of platforms, ranging from infantry soldiers and their weapons to armored vehicles.

Blank Firing Adapter (BFA)

BFA is a placed at the firearm’s muzzle to enable the firing of blanks during training. Its primary purpose is to enable the cycling of the weapon, however, it also acts as a safety device by preventing debris from escaping the barrel. It may stop or deflect an accidental discharge of a live round. Finally, the BFA provides a visual indication of the weapon's status.


Paintball guns are commonly used for force on force simulation. Both M16 like guns and civilian form guns are in service.


Simunition (Simulation Ammunition) are marking rounds fired via the operator's standard issue weapon, with only the bolt exchanged temporarily. Simunition allow for the most realistic training experience out of all training aids, but can also cause serious injuries if insufficient protection is used. In addition, they are complex and expensive and there used almost exclusively by SF units.

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