Flip-Up Sight

One of the M4A1 key features is its flattop receiver, allowing for quick attachment of optics and accessories without the need for re-zero, additional adapters or a cheek piece. However, as the M4A1 rear sight is located on its removable carry handle, when using the flattop receiver there's a need for an alternative flip-up sight that can be mounted on the flattop rail, just behind the primary optic. This sight can be used when the primary optic is damaged or out of battery.

The ARMS #40 is the most commonly used flip-up sight in the IDF. The sight first entered service in the late 1990's when selected SF units were issued with the M4A1 followed by a broader issue. The sight has two positions: down - folded with no interference with the primary optic's field of view, and up at the ready position.

ARMS #40 flip up sight. Left - down position, right - up position.

ARMS #40 fitted on an IDF M4A1.

IDF SF weapons – a Sig P228 and a M4A1 fitted with an ITL MARS, ARMS #40, a flashlight, a "Smiley" compensator, a stock, a pistol grip, a forward grip and a rail system.

Right - the former IDF Chief of the General Staff Shaul Mufaz armed with a Micro Uzi. Left - an IDF General armed with an M4A1 fitted with a Trijicon Reflex and an ARMS #40.

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