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Due to their cost and lack of awareness, until recent years handguards rail systems were uncommon in Israel, and were used primarily by elite SF units. However, in recent years, due to the modernization of the Israeli infantry oriented units, including both conventional and SF units, rail systems become a commonly used item in the Israeli SF community.

Rail systems replace the factory handguards of the host weapon, turning it into a universal and modular mounting platform. Most rail systems share similar features:

  • Four Picatinny rails located at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees positions around the barrel, allowing for the attachment of various weapon accessories in different configurations.

  • With the rail system ribs (rail covers) attached, most systems provide thermal insulation similar or superior to that of the standard factory handguards.

  • Installation requires little or no gunsmithing, although some forefend rail systems, in particular those that support a free floating barrel require basic gunsmithing such as the removal of the Delta Ring/Handguards Retaining Ring.

  • Most systems are made of aluminum.


KAC RIS/RAS rail systems were the first 360 degrees rail systems used by the Israeli SF.

IDF SF weapons – Sig P228 handgun and a M4 Commando fitted with an flip-up sight, an ITL MARS, an AN/PEQ-14, a forward grip and a rail system.



The ARMS SIR rail system entered limited service with the Israeli SF in recent years.

IDF SF M4A1 fitted with a Trijicon ACOG 4x32, a flip-up sight, a forward grip, an AN/PEQ-14 and an rail system.


Israeli Systens

CAA, FAB and TDi are Israel's leading manufacturers of weapon accessories. Collectively, they make most weapon accessories used in Israel, including rail systems. The TDi X6 rail system is a particularly popular with the IDF SF. As it name suggests, it features 6 rails - four located around the barrel and two more on both sides of the front sight tower. The X6 also has another variant - the X6X - which features an additional height adjustable rail located over the barrel. In addition to the X6, CAA, FAB and TDi also offer a wide variety of other rail systems.

TDi X6 rail system with and without its rail covers attached.


IDF SF M4A1 fitted with a Trijicon ACOG 4x32, a forward grip, a rail system and Beamshot laser module (note remote switch attached to the forearm folding grip).


IDF SF M4 Commando fitted with an ITL MARS, an AN/PEQ-14, a compensator, a stock, a pistol grip, a rail system and a forward grip.


IDF SF M4A1 fitted with an Elbit Falcon and simple polymer rail system. The lower rail cover was removed exposing the rail for attaching a flashlight.


IDF M4A1 fitted with Trijicon TriPower red dot optic, forward grip, a rail system and a Beamshot laser module.


IDF SF weapons – a Sig P228 and a M4A1 fitted with an ITL MARS, flip-up sight, a flashlight, a "Smiley" compensator, a stock, pistol grip, forward grip and a rail system.

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