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While in most armies, instructors are typically experienced combatants who are now serving instructors, IDF short three years mandatory service for men doesn't allow for sufficient time for soldiers to both gain experience and to serve as instructors. As such, most instructors in the IDF are made of two categories:

  • Female instructors, which serve as instructors throughout their enlistment.

  • Male instructors, most of whom dropped out from various units or command courses.


Prior to their IDF enlistment, the female instructors undergone a short selection phase to various instructing roles such as Infantry, Combat Engineering, Air Defense, Artillery and Armor. After joining the IDF, the female instructors undergo a four months course which combines basic training and teaching techniques.

After the conclusion of the instructors course the future instructors are assigned to to roles, according to IDF needs and their performance during the course. The female instructors then undergone an additional specialized training reflecting their future role.


Female instructors dominate most infantry related areas in the IDF:

  • Physical fitness

  • Demolition

  • Sharpshooting

  • Mortars

  • Sniping

  • Missile warfare

  • Diving

  • Parachuting

  • Driving (APC and ATV)

  • Reconnaissance and intelligence gathering

  • Signaling

The female instructors are typically motivated, high-quality personnel, who excel at theoretical aspects of the subject matter. However, their lack of actual combat experience is a limiting factor.

IDF female sharpshooting instructor.

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