Operation Blue & Brown - December 9, 1988

Operation Blue & Brown goal was to strike at Achmed Gibril's terrorist organization headquarters. The operation was named after the beret colors of the two main SF units involved: PALSAR Golani (brown) and Shayetet 13 (blue).

What should have been a worthy sequel to the renown "Spring Of Youth" operation (Beirut, 1972) turned out to failure. Some of the terrorists HQ were located in big caves, in a such way so it was impossible to take them out by air assault. So the caves had to be taken by ground assault. Since such a head on ground raid was going to cost many soldiers lives, several dogs from Unit Oketz were strapped with remote controlled explosives, and were suppose to go into the caves and explode, thus killing all the terrorists inside. However, like everything else in the operation, the dogs didn't do what there were supposed to do. Some of dogs didn't go where they were told to go, some of the explosives on their bodies exploded prematurely and some didn't explode at all. Four of the dogs (Rottveiler type) were later captured and killed by the terrorists.

Due to the failure of the original plan, the soldiers needed to clear the caves by themselves, resulting in unnecessary casualties and wounded. The worst outcome of the operation was that the former PALSAR Golani CO, Colonel Amir Meital, was killed, and due to the chaos in the retreat, classified communication device and maps, which he carried, were left on enemy soil and were later captured by the terrorists.

The entire fiasco was published by the Israeli media, including the bad performance of the dogs, so Operation Blue & Brown is therefore also known as the first public exposure of Oketz.

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