British Embassy Incident, August 31, 2006

In August 31, 2006, Nadeem Ingaz, a Palestinian man with known criminal background has entered the British Embassy in Tel Aviv armed with a handgun. The person claimed he was a former collaborator of the Israeli Police but was cut off financial support and denied Israeli visa, and demanded political asylum in Britain or he will commit suicide.

The British Embassy compound was than closed by multiple Israeli security forces and all embassy personnel were evacuated through a back door. According to the police, the British ambassador had asked them to resolve the situation peacefully without harming the Palestinian within the embassy. Although no hostages were in danger, due to the sensitive nature of the situation and as it was unknown of Ingaz were carrying a live firearm or explosives YAMAM was also called in to the scene in case breaching was required.

Near midnight, after almost eight hours of negotiations with the Israeli Police, YAMAM operators entered the embassy and took control over the individual while using minimal force. After the raid, it was discovered that the person was armed with a plastic gun rather then a real firearm and wasn’t carrying any explosives. Ingaz later received several months prison sentence in for this event.

The following photos show this unique event from beginning to an end.

The British Embassy building in Tel Aviv surrounded by Israeli Police and YAMAM vehicles (photo: Niv Calderon).

Israeli Police Special Patrol Unit (YASAM) operators providing perimeter security at the scene (photos: Niv Calderon).

YAMAM operator at the scene (photo: Niv Calderon).

YAMAM operators and their attack dog at the scene (photo: Niv Calderon).

YAMAM operators at the scene. Left operator armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a Trijicon Reflex, an Insight AN/PEQ-14, a forward grip and a rail system. Right operator holding a ballistic shield (photo: Niv Calderon).


YAMAM operators and their attack dog and Israeli Police personnel at the scene (photo: Niv Calderon).


Nadeem Ingaz, the Palestinian who entered the embassy armed with a handgun, seen here sitting in the embassy’s garage, next to the diplomatic vehicles (photo: Niv Calderon).


YAMAM operators entering the embassy using a ballistic shield (photo: Niv Calderon).


YAMAM operators (middle, masked faces) exiting the embassy after the raid (photo: Niv Calderon).

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