Church of the Nativity Siege, April-May 2002

During Operation Defensive Shield in Territories in April 2002, dozens of wanted terrorists locked themselves in the Church of the Nativity in Beit Lehem, taking monks and civilians as hostages and human shield in the process. Several IDF SF units took positions around the church and occasionally engaged the terrorists.

During the siege extensive usage was done in a TRAP T2 system fitted with a SR25 as seen below. The T2 was fitted on a crane and used to engage terrorists inside the church as well as to gather real time intelligence.

During the siege, from left to right: an operator removing a SR25 SWS installed on the system, reloading the SR25 SWS, the T2 with SR25 ready for action, and the crane that was used to mount the system at its top. The Church of Nativity is clearly seen in the background in the last photo.

TRAP T2 camera snapshots taken during siege on the Church of Nativity, May 2002. The first two photos from left were taken with the TRAP X9 weapon scope camera fitted on the weapon (note the crosshairs). The other three photos were taken with the TRAP T2 wide-lens camera.

After the siege an operator is seen removing the SR25 from the T2. Note that the weapon is fitted with its original 20 rounds magazine. This means that the weapon had be lowered after each 20 rounds and have its magazine replaced. The remote controlled trigger adapter is also seen fitted on the trigger.

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