Misgav Am Hostage Rescue - April 7, 1980

The Misgav Am rescue operation is a landmark in Israeli CT history as it was the first time dogs were deployed by the Israeli SF in a hostage rescue scenario.

In April 7, 1980 five terrorists took over a children sleeping room in the Misgav Am kibbutz, taking seven infants and one adult as hostages, and killing one civilian and one infant in the process.

At the time PALSAR Golani had a team on a CT alert in the nearby city of Kirayt Shmona, so it was the first to arrive to the scene. PALSAR Golani team then conducted an unsuccessful raid, resulting in the death of one of the unit's operators.

Few hours later, a Sayeret MATKAL team arrives to the scene along with two Oketz operators and their dogs, and conducted a second successful raid killing all terrorists.

The Oketz dogs that participated in the raid - Steve and Tommy - were killed. Steve and Tommy were among the "founding dogs" of Oketz in 1974, and were also the first Oketz dogs to be killed in action.

Quite ironically, some of the young children's that were in the Kibbutz sleeping room were so terrified by the large attack dogs involved in the raid so that they had later needed to undergone years of therapy.

ct3-.golany-cqb.jpg (24581 bytes)

PALSAR Golani operators during a hostage rescue exercise at a model prior to the raid. All soldiers are armed with Standard Uzi SMG.

Steve - one of the two Oketz dogs that were killed during the raid.

ma8.jpg (33494 bytes)

Operator looking at a body of a terrorist, who was killed during the raid.

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