Taibeh Raid - March 3, 2000

Taibeh is a 35,000 person Israeli-Arab city. In March 3, 2000, the Israeli General Security Service (SHABACH) received information from Palestinian collaborators that a group of terrorists is currently in Taibeh, preparing major attacks against major Israeli cities during the weekend.

Since Taibeh is within the Israeli borders the Takeover Unit chosen to resolve the situation was YAMAM. Also involved was Duvdevan, which was called in as an Engagement Unit.

In 05:00 YAMAM placed a siege on the house and secured the perimeter. Since there were no hostages present, there wasn't any rush to break in. The Police Negotiation Unit started calling the terrorists to surrender over megaphone. One of the terrorists did come out and surrendered to the security forces.

YAMAM and Duvdevan operators securing the terrorists house. Note a dog on the left.

Few hours later two more terrorists came out one holding a suitcase, and started approaching the operators. Suddenly one of them drew a handgun. YAMAM operators immediately opened fire, killing the two terrorists. The suitcase contained an explosive charge, which exploded injuring a YAMAM operator, who was standing close to the terrorists.

Several hours later when no movement was seen inside the house, a YAMAM dog was send in to search for explosives. The dog found one charge, which exploded killing the dog. In order not to risk any more dogs, a police EOD robot was sent in the house and fired its shotgun at suspicious objects. When the robot found nothing, more dogs were sent in to the house and came out safe, without finding explosives.

At that time, it was decided to bring in an IDF armored Caterpillar D9 bulldozer to destroy the house, burying the terrorists alive in the ruins - a standard operating procedure when no hostages are present. When the bulldozer approached the house, a terrorist tried to fire at the driver and was taken out by a sniper.

An IDF armored D9 destroying the terrorists stronghold while YAMAM operators providing fire support. Note an EOD robot in front of the fence.

After the house was totally demolished at 17:00, Duvdevan and YAMAM operators stormed the ruins looking for the remaining terrorists. The operators found two bodies - one belonging to the terrorists killed by YAMAM sniper, and another one who killed during the bulldozer's destroying of the house.

Total results of the Taibeh raid: four terrorists killed, one terrorist captured alive, one YAMAM dog killed and one lightly injured Unit YAMAM operator.

Photo Gallery

In the following photos YAMAM personnel are seen wearing armed with Colt Commando fitted with Trijicon Reflex and flashlights as well as Glock handguns in thigh holsters. YAMAM operators are also wearing helmets fitted with like flashlights and NVD. Duvdevan personnel can be seen in front of the fence, wearing IDF green uniforms, armed with CAR15, no thigh holsters and wearing standard issue helmets.

Taking positions. Note SR25 SWS in the second floor.

Securing the perimeter. Note attack dog in the middle.

Note that while the two YAMAM operators in front of the fence (right and middle) are wearing IDF olive dry uniforms instead of grey fatigues like their colleagues behind the fence, they can be identified as YAMAM personnel by Glock in thigh holsters and helmets mounted devices. The Duvdevan operator (left) is armed with CAR15, no thigh holster or helmet mounted device and have a different vest with pouches for canteens unlike the YAMAM vests.

Same caption as above. Note attack dog. Also note that the operator standing next to the dog is armed with an Micro Uzi fitted with a forward grip/flashlight combo. In the middle of the photo on the ground is an IMI Shipon rocket used to take out heavily barricaded terrorists.

Operator with an attack dog. Note EOD robot in the background.

Two Duvdevan officers (note IDF officers ranks and red IDF boots). Seen on the left side on the ground is an IMI Shipon rocket.

Preparing for assault.

D9 destroys the terrorists house

Same caption as above. Note two operators and an attack dog in the foreground.

Same as above. Note two snipers on the roof on the right providing fire support.

Storming the ruins.

Searching for terrorists in the ruins.

Dead terrorists taken out from the ruins.

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