ACSA TactiGrip

The ACSA TactiGrip was a unique concept of a forward grip combined with a multifunction aiming device. The concept didn't pass prototype phase and was disbanded.

The device was designed to fit any weapon using a standard rail adapter and integrated the following modules:

  • Flashlight

  • Visible laser

  • IR laser

  • IR illuminator

  • CCD Camera with transmitter

  • Retracted bipod, which fits entirely within the grip when not in use

The TactiGrip had two unique modules, not found in most multifunction aiming devices:

  • Bipod which completely disappeared into the handle when not in use. It was released by a pressing a single button, was adjustable for height and could rotate 360° for leveling on uneven ground.

  • Camera designed for short range transmission (up 10 meters) to HMD or wrist monitor - providing the operator with an effective tool to observe, identify and engage targets behind corners or obstacles, while minimizing body exposure. The camera could also be used for longer range transmission (few hundreds meters) to other operators or a forward HQ, assisting in Command & Control as well as post-mission briefing. The long range transmission was to be achieved by using an optional operator carried transmitter.

ACSA TactiGrip key features.

CAD of the TactiGrip with left and right views.

Optics Guide