Handheld Laser Pointers


Handheld laser pointers are compact devices with a relativity long signaling range, making them versatile devices that can be used both for covert and overt missions, such as targets designation, CSAR, air-ground cooperation (extractions and insertions), tactical signaling between two ground units and a variety of other applications.

Insight Technology Handheld Pointer (HHP)

The HHP is an lightweight, pocketsize, robust IR pointer. The device can used by operators to covertly identify and allocate targets and to provide basic non-verbal indication to personnel equipped with NVG.

The HHP weights 125 grams with battery, is 13cm in length and 2.3cm in diameter. The device is also waterproof up to 1 meter and is supplied with lanyard and ring for attaching to a belt or vest.

The HHP has entered service in the IDF in 2003 and is issued to infantry oriented units including both conventional and special forces and is gradually replacing the older ITL LPL-30/Z.

ITL LPL-30/Z Laser Pointer

The ITL LPL-30/Z is a pocketsize hand held extreme long range laser pointer. The series is made of two models, both operating in the IR spectrum:

  • The standard LPL-30/Z - with a range of 4 kilometers.

  • The LPL-30-Super Long/Z (LPL-30-SL/Z) - with a range of 10 kilometers.

Since 2003 the LPL-30/Z has been gradually replaced by the HHP.

As a pocketsize device, the LPL-30/Z is easily concealable, making it ideal for undercover operators.

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