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The AIM1/D is an IR laser pointer, which was the IDF standard issue laser pointer from the late 1980's and early 2000's. The AIM1/D was so commonly used in the IDF that when the Negev entered service in the IDF its barrel was factory equipped with an integrated adapter for AIM1/D. The Negev export models, however, lacked this feature unless specifically ordered.

The AIM1/D first entered service in the IDF in the late 1980's and was designed to be mounted under barrel of the Galil SAR between the gas block and the flash hider. When the IDF infantry units switched over to the M16 assault rifles family in the early 1990's, an updated version of the AIM1/D was introduced featuring a new barrel adapter for the M16.

Today, the AIM1/D is no longer manufactured and is currently gradually taken out of service. It is used occasionally, an indication of the impressive effectiveness and rigidness of the device through over two decades of extensive usage.

AIM1/D with its accessories - soft storing case, remote on/off pressure sensitive switch (left) and an under-barrel adapter (right).


CAR15 fitted with an ITL AIM1/D and an Elbit Falcon.


Egoz RPD fitted with a forward grip and a AIM1/D taped to the barrel just in front of the handle.


Egoz M4A1 fitted with an Elbit Falcon, a flashlight and an ITL AIM1/D.


Egoz M4A1 fitted with an a flip-up sight, a flashlight and an ITL AIM1/D.


IDF SF Negev Commando fitted with rail systems and an ITL AIM1/D.

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