TDi Ofek 3

The TDi Ofek 3 was a unique concept for a horizontal forward grip combined with a multifunction aiming device. The concept didn't pass prototype phase and was disbanded.

The device was designed to fit any weapon using a standard rail adapter and integrated the following modules:

  • Flashlight

  • Visible laser

  • IR laser

  • IR filter for the flashlight

  • Bipod, which was adjustable for height and can be instantly removed


The device had the following operational modes:

  • Flashlight only

  • Visible laser only

  • Full visible mode - flashlight and visible laser

  • Flashlight with IR filter only

  • IR laser only

  • Full IR more - flashlight with IR filter and IR Laser

M4A1 fitted with an Ofek 3, a Trijicon Reflex and a 20 rounds magazine.


Operator testing a M4 Commando fitted with Meprolight Mepro 21, a rail system, a Beamshot laser module and an Ofek 3.

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