New Noga Light LI-OR

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The New Noga Light LI-OR is a GEN III night vision sight. It has two variants:

  • LI-OR X7 - designed for long range applications, it is in limited usage in the IDF with various SWS.

  • LI-OR X3 - designed for short-medium range applications, such as assault rifles and crew served weapons. In 2003 the LI-OR X3 was selected by the IDF as its future night vision optic for Designated Marksman platforms to eventually replace the aging AN/PVS-12 X4. The LI-OR X3 is lighter and more compact than the AN/PVS-12 X4 and feature an optional remote control switch. It is commonly used in the IDF with both SF and regular units.

LI-OR X7 - left: standalone, right: mounted on a Galil Sniper Rifle fitted with a fully adjustable collapsible light weight stock, an ergonomic pistol grip with a hand stop rest, a Harris bipod and a receiver rail.

The LI-OR X3 is offered in three main variants:

  • Standard model, which is the most common LI-OR variant used in the IDF

  • Integrated laser pointer (either IR or visible) and a IR illuminator

  • Submersible model featuring a sealed optic

LI-OR X3 variants, from left to right: Standard, Integrated laser pointer and IR illuminator, and Submersible.

M4A1 fitted with LI-OR X3 and a Harris bipod.

M4A1 fitted with LI-OR X3, a stock (with batteries storage), a pistol grip, an Israeli bipod and a rail system.

Tavor fitted with a LI-OR X3 and a Harris bipod.

IDF SF M4A1 Designated Marksman fitted with a LI-OR X3, Harris bipod, a forward grip, a stock, a flashlight and a "Smiley" compensator.

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