Litton AN/PVS-12 Aquila

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Known in the IDF simply as “Aquila”, the AN/PVS-12 is a GEN III night vision sight. The Aquila X4 and X6 entered service with the IDF in the mid 1990’s and were issued to designated marksman and snipers respectively replacing all other weapons sights in service at the time. In recent years the Aquila X4 has been gradually replaced by New Noga Light LI-OR X3. In IDF SF units the Aquila X6 is also slowly being replaced by the LI-OR X7 and by UNS sights such as AN/PVS-27..

The Aquila has two variants:

  • Aquila X6 - designed for long range applications, it is used in the IDF with various SWS.

  • Aquila X4 - designed for short-medium range applications, such as assault rifles and crew served weapons, it is used in the IDF primarily with various Designated Marksman platforms.

The Litton Aquila two variants: top - Aquila X6, bottom - Aquila X4.

CAR15 (left) and M16A2-E3 (right) in nighttime configuration fitted with an Aquila X4.

M24 fitted with an Aquila X6. Seen on the right is a Negev barrel.

Galil Sniper Rifle fitted with a adjustable stock, a pistol grip with hand stop rest, a Harris bipod, Picatinny rails, an Aquila X6 and a sound suppressor.

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