Monocular Night Vision

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Monocular NVD were first introduced in the early 1990’s with the most renowned models being the American AN/PVS-14 and the Israeli ITL Mini N/SEAS. Most Monocular NVD share similar features:

  • Can be used as hand held, face mounted and helmet mounted. They can also be used as weapon mounted NVD when placed in front a day optic (typically a non-magnifying red dot sight).

  • Using an adapter, two randomly selected units can be joined together to form a dual tube NVG design similar to that of AN/PVS-23. However, this is rarely being done.

  • IR illuminator for map reading and total darkens scenarios.

  • Can be fitted with an optional quick attach magnifier (usually X3 or X5) or with a camera adapter. However, this is rarely being done.

The Mini N/SEAS has been the IDF standard issue monocular NVD since the mid 1990’s. However, in recent years both Meprolight and New Noga Light introduced their own monocular NVD which may see introduction into the IDF in the future.

ITL Mini N/SEAS fitted with an optional X3 magnifier.


Meprolight Minimon monocular NVD.


New Noga Light the NL-92 monocular NVD.

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