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The Meprolight GLS203 is a dual-illuminated battery-free sight, which is the IDF the standard issue sight for the M203 grenade launcher. The GLS203 enables over 80% hit ratio for a 150 meter window size target under all lighting and weather conditions even for a non-experienced soldier. While it was originally designed for M16/M203 platforms, the GLS203 can be mounted on other assault rifles and grenade launchers combinations, including Tavor, Galil, AK47 and many others.

The GLS203 entered limited service with the IDF SF in 2000 and was later issue to regular units. The sight is issued in several variants, which differ by the integrated adapter used:

  • Fixed loop adapter - has a see-through tunnel allowing the usage of the weapon's iron sights. This model was the first GLS203 variant issued in the IDF and was used with the CAR15.

  • Combined Picatinny adapter - elevated adapter with a see-through tunnel allowing the usage of the weapon’s primary optic, which is located in front of the GLS203. This adapter replaced the M16 fixed loop adapter when the M4A1 was introduced in the IDF SF. This GLS203 variant can be used in conjunction with low-profile sights such as Trijicon Reflex and Meprolight Mepro 21.

  • Multi Picatinny adapter - unlike the Combined Picatinny adapter, this model has an integrated extended Picatinny rail, on which the primary optic is also mounted. This ensures that the primary optic is always located higher than the GLS203, allowing the GLS203 to be used in conjunction with high-profile sights such as the ITL MARS. All new GLS203 issued as of 2006 are of this variant.

GLS203 fixed loop adapter.

GLS203 combined Picatinny adapter.

GLS203 multi Picatinny adapter.

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