Meprolight M5

The Meprolight M5 is an advanced battery-powered red dot sight, featuring an integrated Picatinny rail adapter. In late 2015 the M5 won the IDF bid for its new standard issue red dot sight, and has since been mass issued to SF and regular units alike. Since its adoption the M5 has been replacing ITL MARS, Meprolight Mepro 21 and other legacy optics and alongside its higher-end sibling - the MOR - is the most commonly used red dot optic with Israeli SF.

The optic is also available in the civilian market in two variants:

  • Mil-spec version (similar to the M5), known as Mepro Tru-Dot RDS PRO.

  • Non mil-spec version, known as Mepro Tru-Dot RDS. 

Masada operators, including an operator and his dog, during training. The operators are equipped with paintball guns fitted with Meprolight M5, flashlights and forward grips (photo: IPS).


Duvdevan operators during training. Foreground operator is wearing an Ops-Core Sentry helmet fitted with a helmet light and is armed with a M4 Commando fitted with Meprolight M5, a rail system, forward grip and a flashlight. Background operator's weapon is fitted with an ITL MARS (photo: IDF).


Duvdevan operator during training. The operator is armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a Meprolight M5, a TAR Ideal TLG-1, a rail system and a forward grip. Note a helmet mounted flashlight (photo: IDF).


YAHALOM operator during training. The operator is wearing a gas mask, and is armed with Micro Tavor fitted with a Meprolight M5 and a forward grip / bipod combo (photo: IDF).

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