Meprolight Mepro 21

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The Meprolight Mepro 21 is a dual illuminated battery free red dot sight. It was first issued to IDF SF in late 1990’s. In 2002 Meprolight won the IDF contract for a new standard issue red dot sight, and it was issued to both SF and regular units replacing the Elbit Falcon and the Trijicon Reflex.


In late 2015 the Meprolight M5 won the IDF bid for its future standard issue red dot sight and has been replacing the Mepro 21 since. 


  • Gen I - single fiber optic located on top of the objective lens.

  • Gen II - dual fiber optic located on top and in front of the objective lens, ensuring maximum light collection. In addition, the top fiber optic was encapsulated to provide improve protection.


Key features:

  • Large 30mm aperture, providing a wider field-of-view than the Trijicon Reflex 24mm aperture.

  • Integrated light collecting fiber optics located around the top and front portions of the sight, collecting more ambient light and project a stronger aiming dot the Trijicon Reflex single fiber optic, which is located just in front of the lens.

  • Integrated rail adapter, which calibrated to the sight. An optional adapter for fixed loop M16 carry handle is available as well. Most Gen II sights are fitted with quick attached adapter.

Gen II

Early Mepro 21 Gen II design with screw-in adapter.


Mepro 21 mounted on a M4A1 with the current quick deatch adapter.


Negev Commando fitted with a Mepro 21 and an ITL AIM1 (C or V).


IDF Shorty M4A1 fitted with a flip-up sight, a Mepro 21, a folding forward grip, a flashlight and a compensator.


A fully camouflaged Egoz M4A1 fitted with a flip-up sight, a Mepro 21, a forward grip and a flashlight.


Gen I

Mepro 21.


Galil SAR fitted with a M203PI and a Mepro 21.


Tavor 2 suppressed fitted with a Mepro 21.

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