Meprolight MOR

The Meprolight MOR is an advanced multifunction aiming sight, which combines a red dot sight, a visible laser and an IR laser. The MOR uses three power sources to illuminate the reticule:

  • Fiber optic - ambient light collection during daytime

  • Tritium - self-luminous Tritium during nighttime

  • Battery

The combination of an active (battery powered) and a passive (fiber optic and Tritium powered) illumination sources ensures long lasting battery life and enable the operational usage of the red dot sight even after battery drain. The MOR triple illuminated reticule further provide a clear point of aim in all lighting conditions, including partial or total darkness, and prevents the 'washing reticule effect' commonly found with in non-battery red dot sights under some lighting conditions.

The MOR entered service with the IDF SF in the early 2010's and quickly emerged as the IDF SF preferred optic. In 2016, afterit has been in service with the IDF SF for few years, the MOR won a formal IDF bid, and has been replacing legacy optics as well as standalone laser pointers since.

Since its adoption the MOR has been replacing ITL MARS, Meprolight Mepro 21 and other legacy optics and alongside its simpler sibling - the M5 - is the most commonly used red dot optic Israeli SF.

CTAR fitted with a MOR and a Meprolight X3 magnifier.

Micro Uzi fitted with a MOR.

Shayetet 13 operators during training armed with (from left to right): a suppressed Mini Uzi fitted with an AN/PEQ-14; an AK47 fitted with a MOR, a stock, a rail system, and forward grip; and a suppressed Mini Uzi (photo: IDF).


Shayetet 13 operator during an oil rig training. The operator is armed with a suppressed 9mm Micro Tavor fitted with a MOR and a forward grip. The operator is also wearing a helmet-mounted GoPro camera (photo: IDF).

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, visiting Oketz. Left operator armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a stock, a flip-up sight, a MOR, a forward grip and a flashlight; right operator armed with a M4 Commando fitted with a flip-up sight, a Meprolight MOR (with a killflash), a forward grip and an AN/PEQ-14 (photo: GPO).


YAHALOM operators during training. Most operators armed with Micro Tavor fitted with MOR, forward grips and safety rods. Middle operator armed with a M4A1 fitted with a Meprolight Mepro 21, a flip-up sight, a flashlight and a forward grip. Note a left operator's helmet fitted with a GoPro camera (photo: IDF).


Egoz operators during training. Left operator armed with a camouflaged designated marksman Micro Tavor, including a 15'' barrel, a Trijicon ACOG, a bipod, a forward grip and an AN/PEQ-14; middle operator armed with a camouflaged standard 13" barrel Micro Tavor, an ITL MARS and forward grip/bipod combo; right operator armed with a Negev Commando fitted with a M4-style stock and a Meprolight MOR. Left and middle operators' helmets fitted with AN/PVS-23, right operator's helmet fitted with an ITL N/SEAS (photo: IDF).

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