Trijicon Reflex

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The Trijicon Reflex is a dual illuminated battery free red dot sight. In the mid 1990’s the sight was issued to Law Enforcement units as their standard issue sight, as well as to several elite IDF SF units. Considered as a major status symbol at the time the Trijicon reflex saw extended usage for over a decade by IDF and Law Enforcement SF units despite the availability of more advanced optics. In recent years the Trijicon Reflex has been largely replaced by more modern optics including ITL MARS, Meprolight Mepro 21, Meprolight MOR and EOTech variants.

Trijicon Reflex has two generations, with the 2nd generation featuring a more robust structure and an integrated quick attach rail adapter.


Gen II

Trijicon Reflex key features.


Trijicon Reflex fitted with an optional Polarized Filter.


M4A1 fitted with a TDI Ofek 3, a Trijicon Reflex and 20 rounds magazine.


An Israeli Colt Commando fitted with a Trijicon Reflex and a flashlight.


Gen I

Trijicon Reflex key features.


A Galil MAR flitted with special heat absorbing handguards, Trijicon Reflex, a flashlight and a compensator.

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