Trijicon TriPower

The Trijicon TriPower was a unique red dot sight, which used three lighting sources to illuminate the reticle:

  • Fiber optic - ambient light collection during daytime

  • Tritium - self-luminous Tritium during nighttime

  • Battery

The combination of an active (battery powered) and a passive (fiber optic and Tritium powered) illumination sources ensured long lasting battery life and enabled the usage of the sight even after battery drain. The sight's triple illuminated reticule further provided a clear point of aim in all lighting conditions, including partial or total darkness, and prevented the 'washing reticule effect' commonly found with in non-battery reflex sights under some lighting conditions.

The TriPower was in limited usage with IDF SF units in the 2000's but was since replaced with more modern optics.

TriPower left and right views.

TriPower key features.

IDF M4A1 fitted with a TriPower red dot optic, a Beamshot laser module, a forward grip and a rail system.

IDF operator during training wearing a camouflage suit and armed with a M4A1 fitted with a TriPower, a flip-up sight and a forward grip.

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