El-Op Eyal 3x20 & Nimrod 6x40

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In the early 1980's El-Op introduced two new telescopic sights:

  • Eyal 3x20 intended for Designated Marksman platforms

  • Nimrod 6x40 intended for sniping platforms

The Eyal was in limited usage in the IDF from the mid 1980's to the late 1990's, primarily with SF units. It was also commonly used by Law Enforcement units. A well built optic for its time, the Eyal main drawback was its unstable M16 carry handle adapter, often leading to zero loss.

In the late 1990's the Trijicon ACOG 4x32 was mass introduced in the IDF and the Eyal were taken out of service.

The El-Op Nimrod, however, seen much broader IDF issue. It was the M14 standard issue optic until 1994 when it was replaced by the newer Svarovski Futonic 6X42. It was also fitted on many other SWS used at the time by the Israeli SF such as the Galil Sniper Rifle. With the introduction of M24 and other modern sniping platforms in the the late 1990's the Nimrod was taken out of service.

In the early 1990's El-Op stopped production of the Eyal and the Nimrod, however, another Israeli company - Koor Trade - took over their manufacturing. Today both the Eyal and Nimrod are offered by IWI as an optional accessory for its firearms, serving as a simple low cost alternative to more advanced and expensive optics.

El-Op Eyal 3x20 mounted on a CAR15 during deployment in the Territories. Also note the home made cheek piece.

Micro Tavor Designated Marksman fitted with an Eyal X3 and a bipod.

El-Op Nimrod 6x40.

IDF M14 SWS. Left M14 equipped with a Litton PVS2, right M14 equipped with a El-Op Nimrod 6x40. The left rifle feature an older stock, which was later replaced by the stock seen on the right rifle.

99SR fitted with the Nimrod 6x40.

Galil Sniper Rifle fitted with a Nimrod 6x40 and a 25 rounds magazine (left) and a 10 rounds magazine (right).

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