Magnifiers are optional add-on magnifying modules used with non-magnifying weapon sights. Magnifiers allow for increased tactical flexibility, as a single primary sight can be used for both close range and medium range engagements without the need to switch to another expensive magnifying optic.

Magnifiers typically feature an X3 magnification and come equipped with either a flip-side mounts or fast attach/detach mounts. They are fitted on the weapon's rail right behind the primary optic, so there is no need to change the location of the primary optic.

Using magnifiers have no impact on the primary sight point of impact so there is no need to re-zero the primary optic after/before the magnifier was attached/detached. In addition, magnifiers can also double as handheld magnifying monocular devices.

In recent years the IDF has been experimenting with different magnifiers, and they have been limitedly issued to both SF units and regular infantry units, primarily to with conjunction with the Tavor. The common magnifiers models in usage are:

  • Trijicon ACOG (X3 magnification)
  • ITL Trisight (X3 magnification)
  • Meprolight MX3 (X3 magnification)

Wile limited issue took place during the 2008-2009 Gaza conflict. The IDF is considering a broader issue of magnifiers. It is still yet to be seen when such mass issue and which magnifier (if any) will be selected as IDF standard issue.

Meprolight MX3 magnifier.


CTAR fitted with a Meprolight MOR and a Meprolight MX3 magnifier.

The former USMC Commandant, General Michael W. Hagee, firing a CTAR fitted with an ITL MARS optic and a X3 magnifier during a visit to the IDF (Photo: USMC).


Operator armed with a CTAR fitted with an ITL MARS and a X3 magnifier during deployment in the Territories.


Rimon operators during training. From left to right: operator armed with a Micro Tavor fitted a Meprolight Mepro 21 and a forward grip/bipod combo; operator armed with a Micro Tavor fitted with a Meprolight M21, a forward grip/bipod combo and a flashlight; operator armed with a Glock handgun and a Micro Tavor; operator armed with a Micro Tavor fitted with a Meprolight Mepro 21 and a magnifier. Note three shades of Micro Tavor - including factory black (left), factory tan (middle) and painted tan (right), and desert camouflage, including shoes, uniforms, vests, face masks, helmet covers, and Mitznefet (photo: IDF).


YAMAM operators and their dog during training. The operators are armed with M4 Commando fitted with EOTech, AN/PEQ-15 and compensators The right operator's weapon is fitted with a magnifier placed in front of an EOTech (photo: IDF).

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