Trijicon ACOG 4x32

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The Trijicon ACOG 4x32 (Model TA01) entered limited service with the IDF SF units in the early 1990’s replacing the Eyal 3x20 and other magnifying optics used at the time. Mass issue of the optic began in 1996 when the ACOG 4x32 was adopted as the standard issue day optic for the IDF Designated Marksman program.

In recent years most TA01 models were replaced by the newer TA31 model, often with a killflash add-on. The TA31 features several improvements over the TA01 model:

  • A reticle provides faster target acquisition than that of TA01 traditional crosshair

  • Dual Illumination - a fiber optic which provides daylight illumination and a tritium for illumination compared with the TA01 nighttime only illumination.

Left - TA31 reticle. Right - TA01 crosshair.


The TA31.


IDF SF M4A1 fitted with a ACOG 4x32, a flip-up sight, a forward grip, an AN/PEQ-14 and a rail system.


Camouflaged IDF SF M4A1 fitted with a TA01 ACOG 4x32 (with a Killflash), a forward grip and a flashlight.


IDF SF M4A1 fitted with a TA31 ACOG 4x32 (with a Killflash), a forward folding grip, a rail system and a Beamshot laser module (note remote switch attached to the forearm folding grip).

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