Egoz Selection Flyer

Seen below is the IDF official recruitment flyer send to potential Egoz candidates inviting them to attend a selection phase for the unit. As can be seen in the flyer, both photos used were taken from isayeret. However, the two photos used are actually unrelated and feature Shaaf and PALSAR NAHAL, not Egoz. Another typo in the flyer is that the text says the selection will take place in the BAKUM base while the map in the flyer is actually of the T'zrifin base, where the selection actually took place.

Above - the official IDF flyer inviting candidates to attend the unit's selection phase held today. Below are the original photos from isayeret.

Left - Shaaf operators during training. Note that all soldiers are armed with IDF Shorty CAR15 not used by Egoz. Right - PALSAR NAHAL team conducts forced march during basic training. Note the soldiers' red boots instead of Egoz (and the entire Golani brigade) black ones.

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