Counter Guerrilla School

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The IDF Counter Guerrilla School (BISLAG) trains IDF soldiers in the unique fighting techniques required for the Israeli-Lebanese LIC.

Photo Above - Egoz Designated Marksman during training in the school.

The school is located at the IDF Northern Command primarily training base - the Elyakim army base. This base was used for similar training even before the formation of the school in 1998. However, prior to the school's creation, each unit trained on its own with the its own staff and methodologies. This led to insufficient and inconsistent training, resulting in less than desired capability. Moreover, since every unit trained by itself without unified guidance, tactical learning weren't shared between units.

Due to the IDF failures in coping with the Lebanese guerrillas, the IDF decided to form the school and to provide high quality consistent training for all infantry oriented units about to perform combat deployment in the region. Like most other IDF combat schools, the school's staff is made of dropouts from various infantry and SF units, preferably ones with prior combat experience in Lebanon. All instructors are males.

The school also has few special instructors:

  • Sniping instructor

  • Stealth approach instructor

  • Makeup artist whose job is to make fake injuries.

Alex, one of the school's former sniping instructor, a newcomer to Israel from Russia, who served in Spetsnaz - before joining the IDF.

In order to keep in touch with the field, after each three months of instructing, the school goes on a one-month break during which its stuff enrolls for few weeks combat deployment along the Israeli-Lebanese border.

The standard school's training session is two weeks long and is undergone by all infantry oriented units, including both special and conventional forces before they proceed to combat deployment in Lebanon. The school also conducts joint training including armor, engineering and infantry to train all parties involved in joint operations.

The school's training curriculum consists of many counter guerrilla aspects and constantly update to reflect the dynamic situation in Lebanon. The training focuses on camouflage, reconnaissance, ambushes, heavy vegetation fighting, sharpshooting, IDF post routines and IED identification and handling.

The school has special relationships with two units that specialize in the Lebanon front:

  • Oketz - the IDF SF dogs unit, which some of its companies specialize in counter IED and attack activities.

  • Egoz - the IDF counter guerrilla unit.

Both units train extensively in the school and are provided with nearly unlimited access to its resources. In return, both units share their tactical lessons and combat experience with the school.

The school uses many tools to simulate real life engagements:

  • The school is one of the primary users of paintball guns in the IDF and frequently deploys them to simulate close range engagements.

  • A civilian contractor provides pyrotechnics effects to simulate sound, fire, explosions and smoke.

  • During training some of the trainees and part of the school's staff act as terrorists. They are dressed with guerrilla style patterned fatigues and are issued Soviet weapons such as AK47 or RPD/PK.

  • Makeup is used to simulate injuries, such as blood loss and burns

Part from tactical training, the school also maintenance an extensive database the IDF posts along the Israeli-Lebanese border, and as such can provide customized training to a unit heading over to a specific mission or region.

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