Intelligence gathering and reconnaissance are taught at the following schools:

  • Combat Intelligence Collection School - teaches a variety various courses to the Combat Intelligence Collection School regular and SF units.

  • Intelligence & Reconnaissance (MOS) Section - teaches a basic 1-month course for the infantry brigades and armor brigades PALSARs as well as a 3-month instructor course.

  • Units self-training - many of the larger SF units have their own schools that teach reconnaissance as part of their training regime.



PALSAR Givati operator during training armed with Galil SAR.



PALSAR NAHAL HMMWV during training.



PALSAR 7 during training with a M151.



PALSAR 500 HMMWV stuck during training.



YAHALOM team in full gear during training. The operators are armed with camouflaged M4A1 and are wearing camouflage suits. Note HMMWV in the background fitted with a FN MAG.


Combat Intelligence Collection Corps

Shaaf team during training. All operators are armed with Shorty CAR15 and carry backpacks containing long range observation gear.



MATILAN operators during training.



IDF SF reserve operators during training with Land Rovers. The operators are armed with either CAR15 or Shorty CAR15.


IDF SF operator handling a GPS and a RAFAEL Midron Adom TAS coupled with an El-Op PAL laser designator during training.


IDF SF operators during training, seen here in a camouflaged observation post fitted with an Elbit Leil Kaitz TAS coupled with a laser range finder. Both operators armed with CAR15 (photo: IDF).


IDF SF operators handling an Elbit Leil Kaitz TAS coupled with a laser range finder during training (photo: IDF).

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