IDF Counter Terror School

Underground Warfare Section

As its name suggests, the Underground Warfare Section within the Counter Terror School focuses on all aspects of tunnel warfare. In addition, the section provides IDF SF units with comprehensive training in specialized niche areas.

This section offers training in the following areas:

  • Underground warfare - entering and combat in underground tunnels.

  • Breaching - breaching doors, windows and any other entry points using hydraulic tools, weapons and explosives.

  • Climbing, Rappelling and Rescuing (TAGACH) – mountains and structure climbing used by both SF and civilian SAR units.

  • Robotics - the usage of UGV in various combat scenarios from tunnel clearing to structure breaching.

  • Feildcraft - camouflage techniques, survival, tracking, stealth movements and various other aspects of fieldcraft. The section provides this training to both special and regular units.

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