IDF Counter Terror School

AFEK Section

Formed in 2004, AFEK is the Hebrew acronym for “Avtacha, Pritza, Kofim” or "Security, Breaching and Monkeys". As its name suggests, this section was originally created to provide IDF SF units with comprehensive training in specialized areas previously not fully addressed by the School's Counter Terror Section.

Later, AFEK had absorbed into it the new areas including the IDF Climbing, Rappelling and Rescue School ("Tipus, Glisha, Hiliut'z - TAGACH", in Hebrew), originally formed in 1975, and the IDF Fieldcraft School ("Mador Sadaut" in Hebrew), originally formed in 2001.

This section offers training course in the following areas:

  • Executive Protection

  • Breaching - Breaching doors, windows and any other entry points using hydraulic tools, weapons and explosives.

  • Kofim and TAGACH – mountains and structure climbing, helicopters fast roping and building rappelling. Also thought are CSAR and the usage of weapons and the engagements of targets while rappelling. The section provides this training to both SF and civilian SAR units.

  • Feildcraft - camouflage techniques, survival, tracking, stealth movements and various other aspects of fieldcraft. The section provides this training to both special and regular units.

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