IDF Counter Terror School Overview


Formed in 1975, the IDF Counter Terror School is focal point for the IDF SF community qualifications regarding CT, hostage rescue and related areas. Over time, the School has expanded significantly and undergone several reorganizations, while absorbing other specialized schools. Today, the School is comprised of four sections:

  • Counter Terror Section - the school's original section, which teaches counter terror techniques to the IDF SF units.

  • Underground Warfare Section - provides specialized training in niche areas.

  • Sniper Section - provides sniper training, including infantry snipers, counter terror snipers and long range snipers.

  • Sharpshooting Section - teaches Sharpshooting, Designated Marksman and Negev courses.

In addition to its core courses, the School regularly provides short training sessions, either on the School's grounds or at the units' own bases according to need. These training sessions are usually few days long and designed to refresh the school's courses content and to share new knowledge and techniques.

While the School's key focus is training IDF SF units, the School's also occasionally supports Law Enforcement SF units as well as foreign units.

The Counter Terror Section has its own unique ranges including a video simulation range, fast roping ramp, advanced modular CQB facilities and real life buses, trains and airplanes used for hostage rescue training.

While not a combat unit by definition, in order to keep in touch with the field, teams from the school conduct operations in the Territories typically in support of other units.



  • Counter Terror Section - most instructors are recruited directly from the Kfir Infantry Brigade. These recruits try out for the section shortly after their IDF enlistment by attending a selection phase. If selected, the new recruits form a dedicated team which then undergo an intensive 12 months training regime, comprised of six months basic and advanced infantry training within the Kfir Brigade followed by the section's six months CT Instructors Course. The section also accepts dropouts from various IDF SF units and prestigious training programs such as the IAF Aircrew Officers training and the Naval Officers training. These candidates join the others candidates at the CT Instructors Course.

  • Underground Warfare, Sniper and Sharpshooting sections - the instructors are comprised of IDF SF dropouts and female infantry instructors.


40th Anniversary

The Counter Terror School celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2015.

Counter Terror School Instructor armed with a Glock 19 fitted with an AN/PEQ-14. Note a GoPro camera mounted on the operator's somewhat misaligned helmet (photo: IDF).


Counter Terror School Instructors rappelling during training (photo: IDF).

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