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The section offers the following training:

  • Infantry course - for regular units, covers medium to long range training with the M24.

  • Infantry course - for SF units, covers medium to long range training, with the M24.

  • Counter terror course - for SF units personnel, cover short range surgical CT sniping, primarily with the SR25 and other specialized platforms. This is an advanced course intended for qualified snipers, and covers urban camouflage techniques, acquiring and engaging targets and tactical intelligence gathering, in order to assist the team to plan and execute raids.

  • Sniping instructor course - in order to attend this course, one must already be qualified as a sniper. Most students attending this course are future instructors in the school, while others return to their home units and will serve as sniping NCO and officers.

Other than length, the school’s two infantry sniping courses are similar in content. However, the SF personnel course is shorter as most graduates will later proceed to the counter terror sniping course.



The selection prior to the sniper course and during it, is limited. The requirements comprise of basic mathematics and physics test and a simple range test with the soldiers' issued assault rifle. Most soldiers trying out for the course are accepted and most will also pass, as the course focus is qualification rather than selection. Most removals in the sniper course are due to disciplinary or safety issues, rather than sniper capabilities.



Unlike most armies, the IDF sniper instructors are not experienced snipers serving as instructors. As with most of the IDF infantry schools, the staff is coed:

  • Male instructors - usually dropouts from various infantry oriented units or from command courses (e.g. officers and NCO courses) and female sniping instructors are graduates of the IDF Female Field Instructors Course. Most of these instructors lack sniping experience as most attended the sniping course only after assigned to the Section. In addition, most of instructors lack substantial combat experience

  • Female instructors - graduates of the IDF Female Field instructors Course. They are typically motivated, high-quality personnel, and excel at teaching the theoretical aspects of the subject matter. However, their lack of actual combat experience is often a limiting factor.

In recent years, the IDF began to operationally deploy the Section’s instructors, typically in support of other units, to allow them to gain real world combat experience.

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