Counter Terror Weapons

The following photos feature a weapon display at the graduation ceremony of the IDF Counter Terror Instructors Course in 2000. They provide a glimpse to arsenal used at the time by the IDF SF units.

SWS from left to right Ruger 10/22 suppressed, Galil Sniper Rifle, Mauser 86SR and a Modified Remington 700.

Top - Spas 15 a magazine auto semi auto pump action shotgun used for room clearing and door breaching. Bottom - IDF Home Made Shorty CAR15 fitted with a flashlight with a remote switch.

SMG from top to bottom - Uzi, suppressed Mini Uzi and a Micro Uzi.

Handguns from top to bottom - Glock, FN HP, suppressed Sig Sauer 228, suppressed Berretta 0.22.

Various ammunition used by the CT units. From handguns rounds to 0.5 rounds.

Close up on the rounds. Top to bottom - 7.62 mm rounds, 5.56 mm including expandable ammunition (Soft Point and Hollow Point) and various handguns rounds.

Shotgun rounds including breaching and standard pellets .

Additional gear - an axe and a SOG Pentagon knife.

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