Tunnel Warfare

The following guide features tunnel warfare training and deployment.

ODF Optronics EyeBall R1 used for tunnel clearing (photo: IDF).


Tunnel clearing UGV, commonly used by YAHALOM (photo: IDF).


YAHALOM operator during training armed with a M4A1 fitted with a Meprolight Mepro 21, a flip-up sight and a flashlight. Note an oxygen mask used for tunnel clearing (photo: IDF).


YAHALOM operators lowering an iRobot into a tunnel during training. All operators are armed with M4A1 fitted with Meprolight Mepro 21, a flip-up sights and blank firing attachments (photo: IDF).


YAHALOM operators clearing a tunnel during training with the help of an EyeDrive UGV (photo: IDF)


Rimon operator clearing a tunnel during training. The operator is armed with a Micro Tavor fitted with an ITL MARS, a flashlight and forward grip / bipod combo (photo: IDF).

Qualifications Guide