Fauda Television Series

In early 2015, a new Israeli television series called “Fauda” started airing on the Israeli Yes network. The show told the story of a fictional Ministry of Defense undercover/Mistaravim SF unit and its hunt for wanted terrorists in the Territories.

Given the vast presence of Israeli SF in both military and civilian lives in Israel, Fauda is surprisingly the first Israeli television series to extensively feature such a unit. Interestingly, several of the show’s creators and actors are real life SF veterans, primarily from Duvdevan, which lends further authenticity to show. The show is now available on Netflix. 

Fauda actors seen in publicity photos carrying Glock handguns as well as M4A1 and M4 Commando fitted with Elbit Falcon, forward grips, flashlights and Beamshot laser pointers (photos: Yes).


Fiction vs. reality. Left: Fauda (photo: Yes), middle: YAMAS, right: Duvdevan (photo: IDF).

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