Aircraft and Overseas Delegations Security Unit

The IAF Aircraft and Overseas Delegations Security Unit is an all-reserve SF unit which protect IAF aircrafts during overseas missions. Such missions include the Israeli Prime Minister and other dignitaries' flights in IAF airplanes, SAR and medical assistance flights to natural disasters area and terror attacks locations as well as joint training missions. The unit’s operators also provide perimeter security around the airplanes and screening for boarding passengers, therefore preventing the presence of explosives and weapons near the aircraft and on board.

As the case with the IDF VIP Protection unit, the Aircraft Security Unit capabilities partially overlap with those of the equivalent outfit in the Israeli General Security Service. However, the unit missions are limited to IAF aircrafts and missions rather than commercial flights.

The unit was formed in the early 1990’s and in the beginning was made of graduates of various IAF SF units, who passed additional aircraft security training. In the late 1990’s the unit was reorganized and began to recruit professional security personnel, who were current or former employees of the Israeli General Security Service or the Israeli Airport Authority.

The unit is one of the handful all-reserve SF units in the IDF along with LOTAR Eilat, Alpinistim and YATAM. While the unit is based primarily on reserve operators, it also has a small non-reserve team made of mandatory service operators, who are dropouts from various elite IDF SF units. These operators undergo a three weeks CT course in the IDF Counter Terror School, which places a special focus on aircraft security elements such as aircraft hostage rescue raids tactics. In addition to the CT course, the new operators also undergo several weeks of internal unit training and few training flights until they are qualified as operators in the unit.

The unit's operators armed with Glock during range training (photo: IAF).


The unit's operators armed with Mini Uzi standing in front of an IAF UH60 (photo: IAF)..

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