Shaldag Gallery

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Shaldag team boards a UH60 during training.


Shaldag team during deployment in the Territories.


Shaldag team boarding a CH53 helicopter.


Shaldag reserve operators during training with a Land Rover. Note Oakley protective eyewear.


Shaldag operators at the unit's end of training ceremony (photo: IDF).


Shaldag operators during training. Foreground operators armed with suppressed M4 Commando fitted with Trijicon Reflex and Insight AN/PEQ-16, rail systems and forward grips. Background operator armed with a suppressed M4 Commando fitted with a Trijicon ACOG 4x32, a backup sight, a rail system and a forward grip. All operators also wearing Ops-Core FAST helmets and combat uniforms (photo: IDF).

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